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Happy Holidays!

General / 21 December 2019

Happy Holidays! 🎅

I've cancelled my Artstation Pro subscription because I've moved my portfolio site to Adobe Portfolio a while ago.

I guess my blog here will either be deleted or remain intact, but without the ability to add new blog posts.

You're invited for a visit to my new portfolio site:

Kawaii Robin Hood

General / 25 November 2019

Disney's Robin Hood reimagined in a 'kawaii' style


Concept: Riki Fuhrmann

#disney #fox #character #kawaii #cute #robin #hood #robinhood #animation #cartoon #illustration #artwork #illustratie

Voxel-style music album artwork

General / 16 November 2019

Voxel-style music album artwork for the Waede Watts DJs / Producers.

Voodoo magic — 3D artwork

General / 05 November 2019

Voodoo magic — 3D artwork
Concept: Daniel Shaffer


Getting in shape for Halloween — 3D illustration

General / 14 October 2019

Getting in shape for Halloween — 3D illustration 🙂
(concept: Sébastien Le Divenah)


Geeky genius 3D character

General / 05 October 2019

Geeky genius — 3D character
(concept: Maxim Kalyakin) 


Cartoony pink dragon

General / 19 September 2019

Cartoony pink dragon 3D sculpture
(Concept: Dom Murphy)


3D creatures in a traditional claymation style

General / 12 September 2019

3D creatures in a traditional claymation style

3D creaturen in een traditionele klei-stijl

(Concept: Riki Fuhrmann)


Space toy ray gun

General / 17 August 2019

Space toy ray gun (concept: Sam Nielson), an exercise in polygon subdivision modeling.


Screenstruck — Stylized graphic illustration

General / 14 July 2019

Screenstruck — Stylized graphic illustration • Gestileerde grafische illustratie