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Metin Seven
Metin Seven
visualizer • pixel artist • illustrator • 3D designer
Bussum, Netherlands


👨‍🎨 Freelance visualizer, pixel artist, illustrator and 3D designer.

🌍 Located in Bussum, the Netherlands (between Amsterdam and Utrecht).

⌛ Former news cartoonist, comic strip creator, TV show animator, magazine editor and 16-bit computer game developer.


● 3D models of stylized / cartoon-style characters, props, toys and candy.
● Realistically rendered toy (character) and product visualizations.
● Stylized 3D illustrations (including low-polygon 3D style).
● Logo and icon design.
● Graphic illustrations (2D vector or bitmap images).
● Infographics (illustrations and non-laborious animation).
● Voxel art (3D pixel art).
● Pixel art (8-bit game style pixel art, isometric pixel art).
● Elementary animation (animated logos, GIF animation cycles).
● Photo restoration, retouching and colorization.

💼 Represented by the Dutch Comic House agency, ensuring efficient project management.

🎨 My Comic House portfolio:

👨‍💼👩‍💼 For commercial jobs please contact Hans Buying or Miriam van Velthoven:

📞 +31 (0)20 32 000 78

👉 Non-commercial messages or photo restoration inquiries can be sent to

🏠 Homepage:



🧊 3D models, including free 3D models:

🖼️ Stock images, in high resolution:

🖨️ Art prints, on various items:

🗿 3D prints:

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● Voluntary moderator of the Blender Wiki, Blender Developer Talk forum and Blender Artists forum.

● Technical Artist for the Blender Foundation. Activities included the creation of a Cycles 3D renderer demonstration and benchmark scene titled 'Monster under the bed'.

● Toy / candy modeler and visualizer for A Little Lovely Company, Boost Group, Crazy Label (Hong Kong), Felko, Megapromotions, Mr Maria, SIL Products, Toy Industries Of Europe, UNGA Toys and more.

● Pioneering artist of the minimalistic voxel art style, years before the introduction of Minecraft, Crossy Road and dedicated voxel editors.

● Daily news cartoonist for the Dutch news platform.

● Weekly cartoonist and comic creator for the Dutch newspaper.

● Designer of graphics for several Dutch television game shows.

● Co-creator of two children's animation series for the Dutch VPRO TV network: 'Mannetje & Mannetje' and 'Tattletoons'.

─ 'Mannetje & Mannetje' was the first Dutch animated TV series that was fully made with a computer: the Commodore Amiga. We used the Amiga's low-resolution 'Overscan' mode to eliminate screen borders and make the footage suitable for TV broadcasting. The series was broadcast in 'Villa Achterwerk' by VPRO Television in the early 1990s.

─ 'Tattletoons' was the world's first TV series where kids could interactively influence the story development via internet. It was produced from 2000 to 2001, and was also broadcast in VPRO television's 'Villa Achterwerk' matinee. In March 2001, the production was featured in Time Magazine.

● Worked with several Dutch comic creators (and a Flemish cartoonist) on different projects:

─ Wrote and edited lots of articles for the only printed Dutch Amiga Magazine, published by Jan van Die.
─ Co-created the Mannetje & Mannetje animated TV series (Villa Achterwerk, VPRO), written by Hanco Kolk and Peter de Wit (and featuring them).
─ Co-created an animated Xmas greeting video with Wilbert Plijnaar.
─ Created computer graphics for the Storm comic album 'The Genesis Formula', in cooperation with Martin Lodewijk.
─ Co-created the Tattletoons animated TV series (Villa Achterwerk, VPRO), written by Mark Retera and Hanco Kolk.
─ Modeled 3D versions of the Fokke & Sukke cartoon characters for Jean-Marc van Tol.
─ Sculpted a 3D-print model of the Lars comic character for Lectrr (Steven Degryse).
─ Created a 3D version of the Sigmund comic strip in the Volkskrant newspaper for Peter de Wit.

● Alpha / beta tester of 3ds Max and several 3D renderers, including finalRender, V-Ray and Renderman.

● Animator and illustrator in the Amsterdam-based former studio of the Comic House agency, working for clients like Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, VPRO Broadcast and Radarsoft games / multimedia.

● Writer and illustrator for various online and printed media, including Amiga Magazine, Blender Nation, BoingBoing, CG Cookie, Computable, Elsevier, Emerce, Esquire, iCulture, Intermediair, MacFan,, PC Magazine, PC-Active and Volkskrant Banen.
🔗 Film reviews:

● Editor of Amiga Magazine, the only Dutch Amiga computer magazine that was distributed to stores across the Netherlands and Belgium.
🔗 All Amiga Magazine issues:

● Designer and graphic artist of games for the Commodore Amiga, CD32 console, MS-DOS, Windows and Symbian OS (Nokia N-Gage), partly in the pre-internet era, distributed on diskettes and later on CD-ROMs.
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